Sunday, Dec 20th

By: Bethany Apelquist

Luke 1. 39-55

Reflection—v. 48, ‘for he took notice’ (NLT)

In my psychology class, we learned that when people want to believe in something they start to see more evidence of that thing, even if the evidence isn’t actually increasing. Basically, IMG_20150901_160843we see what we are looking to see. Despite all the preparations that are needed to be made when awaiting a birth, in our text we see Mary in a moment of prayer. She rejoices that God noticed her. By praying, we see that Mary also takes notice of God. It’s a mutual relationship. God sees Mary’s heart, trusting her with the care of Jesus. And Mary sees God’s heart, acknowledging God’s great works, faithfulness, and provision. Perhaps, like Mary, we might engage the world and notice more—to perceive God’s grace at work in the world and to truly see the people around us. What do we want to see this Advent, what do we choose to see? Advent is about waiting and anticipating, but maybe it is also about noticing and seeing. The goodness and grace of God is already present, just waiting for to be seen.

Prayer   God, your love is marked by the fact that you take notice of us, in weakness, in troubles; help us show our love by seeing your presence in our world.