Friday, Dec 18th

By: Chad Hyatt

Philippians 4. 4-7

Reflection—v. 7, ‘the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding’

How desperately our world—and each one of us who make up that world—long for peace. Yet we experience war and violence, conflict and chaos. The streets, where Jesus invites us to follow him, are especially beset by chaos—and for that reason, we are especially called there. Martin Luther King, Jr., said peace is not ‘the absence of tension, but the presence of justice.’ We may wish for calm, a little tranquility, but we know intuitively that peace is more than that. Peace is when all things are as they should be, when all is right. Perhaps such peace surpasses our understanding because it is bigger—and better—than we can comprehend. It is the peace that reconciles enemies. It is a peace that helps us to see our own harmful ways and calls us to conversion, too. It is a peace of God’s own making, which we, by all of our best effort, cannot achieve alone. But it still requires our full participation. It is the outworking of God’s surprising, even scandalous, way of dealing with our oppressors. It is peace born of mercy—and not vengeance.

Prayer  God of surpassing, suprising peace, we trust in your overwhelming mercy.