Thursday, Dec 17th

By: Chad Hyatt

Luke 3. 7-18

Reflection—v. 10, ‘What then should we do?‘

What is the ‘change of heart and life’ mercy demands? John is repeatedly asked, ‘What should we do?’ The question itself reveals a lot. We must do something when mercy calls us, and John gives simple, clear instructions. Does it frighten us that John’s counsel focuses upon our stuff, and how we get it and distribute it? He calls for a transformation of our relationships, to love our neighbors as ourselves, by the little things that lay in the power of us all to do—and to do immediately. Share your food with the hungry, John says. Share your clothing, too. Don’t take taxes or anything else beyond what is understood to be fair or use your power to extort from those with less power. Learn to be satisfied with what you have. These are fruits worthy of a changed heart and life—not just pious platitudes but a true transformation in the way we see and choose to relate to those around us. Mercy invites all of us to recognize that we are radically responsible for the well-being of our sisters and brothers, whether neighbors, strangers, or enemies. And these are things that we can all do.

Prayer  God, I turn to you with fruit worthy of your mercy; this I can do by grace.