Friday, Dec 11th

By: Holly Reimer

Luke 1. 68-79

Reflection—v. 79, ‘to those who are sitting in darkness’

Over the years, harmful depictions of good and evil have been simplified to light and dark, white and black.  While it is imagery used in the Bible, we need to be sensitive to the ways in which these descriptions have been exaggerated and abused.  For some people darkness offers quiet and solitude, a chance to find peace in chaos.  For others, darkness brings fear, doubt, and violence.  Although darkness can be a literal experience of being without light, it is also a metaphor for the places where there seems to be an absence of joy and peace.  Some of us are haunted with memories of violence that has happened to us.  In the shadows, some of us come face to face with the loneliness we feel, a reminder of our inadequacies, the addictions that keep us bound, and the place where our mind plays tricks on us because of psychological challenges. We all have places devoid of joy.  The good news is that God’s deep compassion offers light and hope.

Prayer Lord, you know the ways that memories and loneliness haunt me.  Thank you for your promise to be with me.