Thursday, Dec 10th

By: Holly Reimer

Luke 1. 68-79

Reflection—v. 78, ‘Because of our God’s deep compassion’

Each of us have days in the past or present where it feels like we are walking a weary journey alone.  We cry out to God for help, tears streaming down our faces and wondering what is next.  ‘Did I do something wrong?’ we often ask.  In moments of clarity, we remember that we have been created, chosen, and called by God.  God joins us on the journey whether it is celebrating sobriety or a day when our emotions didn’t get the best of us or getting to see people who love and care for us. But God also joins us in the journey when it feels like we are wearily walking alone.  God joins us when we suffer death, financial challenges, and illness.  God has deep compassion for us, and refuses to let us go the journey alone.  Sometimes we can literally feel God’s presence, but it is also about having people in community.  God is present in those who share God’s love. This verse promises the presence of being with us along the journey.  Take heart!

Prayer Lord, thank you for loving me more than I could ever love myself and for seeking me out and being present with me in both times of joy and sorrow. In the moments of pain and strife, may I be reminded of your presence.