Wednesday, Dec 9th

By: Holly Reimer

Luke 1. 68-79

Reflection—v. 74, ‘serve him without fear’

Fear is one of those things that can stop us in our tracks.  We don’t want people to know we are fearful, so we overcompensate or make big, stupid gestures that either cause harm or make us look even more foolish. One of my biggest fears is that God will call me to something greater than I am ready for. Fear keeps us from our full potential and the greatness that we can’t imagine for ourselves.  Heaven forbid, someone out in the world know that I am not perfect and am bound to make a mistake.  If they see me screw up, what will they think of God? Thank God that God offers us a faith in this passage that allows us to serve God without fear or being capable or messing up.  God has never promised us an easy journey.  However, we have the assurance that God will join us along the way!  Serving God without fear allows us to be in community with God and those who care about us.

Prayer  Lord, as I breathe in, I pray that you will fill me with the strength and courage to serve you with hope and resolve.