Sunday, Dec 6th

By: Holly Reiner

Luke 1. 68-79

Reflection—v. 68,  ‘He has come to help’

As young children, we cry out eagerly for help tying our shoes or making it across the monkey bars.  In adulthood, it gets more difficult to ask for help and we become more stubborn.  IMG_20150730_155746We say, ‘I don’t need your help!’ Our pride and independence gets the best of us. In those moments, we think help is just about being saved or rescued. But we would do well to remember there is more to help than simply being rescued.  Help is not about someone swooping in and doing all the work to save us. Instead, help is about having a balanced and equal relationship—with things and in relationships. This Advent, we are reminded of the gift of God’s own Son who has come to help us, to show us how to love and share and pray and heal—how to truly live.

Prayer  God, thank you for loving us enough not to just swoop down and rescue us, without calling us to faithfully take part. Thank you for loving us enough that we must always acknowledge our need for help, and that we also can love by helping others.