Saturday, Dec 5th

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 21. 25-36

Reflection—v.36, ‘stand before the Human One’

Being with one another during trying times is not easy.  In this passage we listen to Jesus plead with the disciples to, ‘Stay alert…pray that you will be strong enough to escape everything that is about to happen and to stand before the Human One.’  In the next few sentences Jesus’ life is plotted against and before the end of the chapter he asks his disciples to pray that they not fall into temptation.  They couldn’t do it, they couldn’t stay alert—they slept.  I don’t believe, as some people say, that Jesus is talking here about standing before the pearly white gates, but rather the cross.  The disciples would need to stay alert and pray for the courage to remain with Jesus until the end—in preceeding chapters they claimed that they would follow him even to death, but none of the men stood with him in front of the cross.  We are called to stand with the persecuted—with Jesus, with the criminals, with the bullied.  It is not easy to stand before the mobs who demand blood or defamation. May we pray and prepare ourselves that we may be ready to stand with Jesus and the least of these.

Prayer  Ruler of all, you give us strength.  We turn to you that you may create in us mercuiful, loving hearts that do not turn away from suffering.