Thursday, Dec 3rd

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 21. 25-36

Reflection—v. 30, ‘sprout leaves’

I used to look forward to winter, I loved the nip of the wind and the sight of snow kissed grass.  Shelter season changed all of that.  I fear for the lives of my sisters and brothers who sleep outside and I feel exhausted by the extra hours spent trying to get folks inside.  Winter has become a physically and emotionally draining season for me.  The relief that floods my body when the days start to get longer and the trees start to sprout buds leaves me euphoric.  How much more attuned we are to the signs when we anticipate something.  Every interaction is chock-full of meaning as love blossoms.  Every creaking sound stands hair on end when in a haunted house. Jesus was naming signs of the present time, and the disciples missed it.  When we don’t really believe that Jesus is with us here and now, we miss the significance of grace in our midst.   I hope we anticipate and prepare for Christ’s arrival in our lives that we may live more fully and contentedly.

Prayer  Seasons of life come and go, let us be fully present to each stage.  Creator God, open our eyes and slow us down that we might see your life budding before us.