Wednesday, Dec 2nd

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 21. 25-36

Reflection—v. 28, ‘stand up straight and raise your head’

‘Stand up?  Play?’ you ask. ‘But this is life!  We are to take it seriously!’ It is precisely when we let go of our ego and become more imaginative with our lives that we can feel the close presence of God.  Ought we not invest more positive energy in challenging life events and relationships than in a game of Candy Crush?  We see God incarnate, who is killed and then resurrected, in those confusing moments.  It is God that comes to us with grace, patience, and forgiveness, showing us a way toward life and reconciliation. We must invest time and energy in relationships, if we want to relieve the discomfort of having differing opinions. We must explore new skills, if we are hoping to replace old habits.  Like in any game, set-backs are something from which we can learn—they can make us sharper instead of deflating us.  Let us not faint because God is at work. Indeed, may we welcome it.  Change is not to be feared; it is where God redeems us.  As Anthony de Mello, SJ, reminds us, ‘On the day you cease to change, you cease to live.‘ Raise your head—God is doing something great in you.

Prayer Make me playful, God.  Help me to raise my head, to see how challenges can help me and make me more whole. God, my life is yours.