Tuesday, Dec 1st

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 21. 25-36

Reflection—v. 28, ‘When these things begin to happen’

There are a lot of difficult ‘things’ in life—dealing with interpersonal conflicts, cycling through unhealthy habits, moving to a new place, living after losing a loved one… But stand up straight. Raise your head. Redemption is near!  So often we get bogged down and overwhelmed by the challenges we face that we allow them to become bigger than life.  We become paralyzed with fear and avoid whatever it is for as long as we can.  At least, that’s what we do with challenges handed to us by life.  If our challenge is to become a better baseball player, golfer, dancer, Super Mario Kart driver, or poker player, we dive right in.  We find the challenge exhilarating.  We study our opponents for a weakness or tell. We cross-train.  We start to notice the particulars—angles and momentum. A hole with sand traps adds a level of intrigue and gives us bragging rights.  When challenged in a game, we practice, try again and again and again, take risks, and become playful. Why can’t we do that in life when confronted with challenges?

Prayer  There are so many things, God.  I don’t have the energy to deal with them; I would rather distract myself.  Help me, please, not to get bogged down.