Monday, Nov 30th

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 21. 25-36

Reflection—v. 26, ‘there will be signs’

Do you see it? Do you see it right now?  A distressed earth plagued by pollution. Nations confused, unsure on which human need or crisis to place their attention. Can you see them shudder from fear at healing—that a drug offender has been released from prison, that we might talk with our enemies in Iran and Cuba, that two people can legally declare their love for one another, that someone who grew up eating different foods and speaking another language might live next door, that putting down arms might end the cycle of violence more quickly than adding more weapons?  What is coming to this world, what God will rain down on us, what might be shaken in heaven, just might be more love, more conversation, more peace, more acceptance.  Exactly who is bringing about the end of the world? Might we see how God is saving us? Might we see where God is leading us? God’s kingdom is near. Get out of the way, and spread the love.

Prayer  God, please drive the fear from our hearts.  May we not be vengeful, but rather hope in the goodness of your work and the hearts of your people.  Like you, let us seek more love, more peace, and more acceptance.