Sunday, Nov 29th

By: Maggie Leonard

Luke 21. 25-36

Reflection—v. 27, ‘see the Human One coming on a cloud’

I think it’s this line that throws folks off.  Obviously, if the Son of Man is to comeIMG_20150702_123925 riding in on a cloud, Jesus must be talking about the future—there was no cloud riding pre-resurrection, never mind that in Luke the Son of Man ascends to heaven in front of a crowd, passing by the clouds as he rises.  We must still be waiting for it. In this Advent text, Jesus names what others refuse to see—for chapters he has been bemoaning the current state of things, comparing and contrasting the differences between things of the Roman Empire’s kingdom and things of God’s kingdom; predicting the fall of the Temple under the rule of the Roman government, the neglect of the vulnerable, the inconsistency of Jerusalem, his own death and resurrection, and the persecution that the disciples will inevitably face as they preach the truth of Jesus. All that surrounded them were signs of how much we need God’s grace. Advent is a season in which we take time to see our brokenness and the destruction around us, that we might be eager to receive God’s grace, God’s salvation. Like the disciples, we look to the clouds failing to understand that God is standing in front of us.

Prayer  Help us to know you are with us here, now.  Open our hearts to your grace.