Monday of Holy Week, March 30th

By: Maggie Leonard

Mark 11:1-11

Reflection—v. 7, ‘…they brought the colt to Jesus…’

During Holy Week, Christians consider what it means to follow Jesus as we remember his journey to the cross.  We watch as Jesus confronts religious and governmental institutions and calls into question societal norms.  Jesus challenges the lifestyles of those around him—and us.  In Lent, we are called to observe and bring into conversation the way of our lives with the way of the cross.  In Mark, from the beginning of his ministry, as early as the third chapter, the Pharisees have been hostile to Jesus.  And it does not take long for the Pharisees to confront him after he makes a very public entry into Jerusalem—the center of Jewish and Roman power in Palestine.  Jesus’ entry on a colt, rather than a steed, conveys humble resources rather than military might.  When confronted by power, how we respond does make a difference.  I hope that our response may be defined by humility also. 

Prayer Jesus, your way of love is a way of the cross, a way of humble means and not violent strength; teach me to confront power with humility.