Sat, March 28th

By: Maggie Leonard

Psalm 51

Reflection-—v. 12, ‘Restore the joy of your salvation to me, and sustain in me a willing spirit.’

If I haven’t been exercising for some length of time, I forget how good it makes me feel and how necessary it is for me to remain sane in my day to day life.  I know it intellectually, but that isn’t enough to get me off my tukhus.  As easily as I lose my sanity, flexibility, and strength when not exercising, I lose my joy when I choose to live outside God’s grace.  We tell ourselves that to be truly happy we must be free–and to be free is to do whatever we want, whenever we want.  But that usually leads us down a very unhappy, self-centered, and destructive path.  To experience the grace and joy always being offered to us by God, we must shed the self-centered, destructive habits we have developed.  Sometimes this process feels counter-intuitive, and it is easier to fall back into old patterns than to consistently practice a new way of being.  We must continue to turn to God for our inspiration if we are to continue to live freely in God’s love.

Prayer  God, help me to be less self-centered and to live more joyfully in you.