Friday, March 27th

By: Maggie Leonard

Psalm 51

Reflection—v. 4 and 7, ‘sin’ and ‘de-sin’

Since most of us are not able to read the psalms in Hebrew, we sometimes miss out on the simplicity and beauty of the original poetic language of the biblical writings.  In verse four of this psalm, the writer confesses to God that ‘against you, you alone, have I sinned’ (root, chata, with basic stem).  In verse seven, the writer pleads to be ‘de-sinned’ (same root, chata, with intensive stem).  The word is commonly translated as ‘cleansed.’  Our bad behaviors are something to be removed, something of which we must let go, something that clouds and obscures our true, beloved selves.  God restores us, re-making us with a clean heart and right spirit.  We are renewed, becoming humbly aware of God’s presence and full of joy once more.  But we must give in to being re-made; such transformation comes only after honest confession and an openness and readiness to change.

Prayer  God, cleanse my heart and make it right once more; all I have and all I am is before you, and I hold nothing back–I am ready for change.