Thursday, March 26th

By: Maggie Leonard

Psalm 51

Reflection—v. 1, ‘Have mercy on me…’

I find this plea striking–and I don’t think this phrase can be uttered as anything other than a plea.  Mercy is a request for compassion when justice would require otherwise.  By definition, it is undeserved and born out of love.  A cry for mercy comes from a person in a desperate circumstance who feels the unbearable weight and ache of lowliness and emptiness.  A cry for mercy comes from a person who sees no way out, from someone who needs help and has thrust their pride aside.  It is a confession of desperate and impossible need, and it is the first step toward healing.  So often, we do not even know when we need mercy.  We walk around blind to our own shortcomings.  During this Lenten season, may we come face to face with our brokenness.   May we empty ourselves so that we might be ready to receive the only grace that can make things better—God’s mercy and love.

Prayer  God, help me to see myself for who I am: one beloved by you and ever in need of your mercy.