Wed, March 25th

By: Maggie Leonard

John 20:1-18

Reflection—v. 32, ‘…when I am lifted up…’

One of the themes of John’s Gospel is the conflict between Jesus as king and the kings of the world.  Daniel Schowalter, a professor of religion, notes that the language of elevation and glorification that is used in this passage is reminiscent of Roman imperial propaganda.  Jesus stands as an alternative authority to the Roman government.  In combating an enemy who stands in cruel contradiction to God’s love, Jesus does not use violence to take his stand.  Instead, he challenges Roman authority through his death on the cross, a barbaric and shameful punishment usually reserved for slaves and enemies of the state.  This is Jesus’ ‘lifting up’; this is the coming of the kingdom Jesus brings.  But it is not the only lifting up.  Early in the morning on the first day of the week, the one who has been laid low in death for the sake of love will be lifted up in new life.  Glory be to God, who turns death into life.-

Prayer   Jesus, teach me to fight my battles with the dark powers of this world by your way of laying down my self so that all of us may be lifted up in life.