Tuesday, March 24th

By: Maggie Leonard

John 12:20-33

Reflection—v. 31, ‘Now is the judgment of this world…’

Jesus’ resurrection is not just some display of power for power’s sake.  Instead it is an act of reconciliation in which all people are drawn to God.  Jesus understands that God is truly honored in reconciliation.  Yet so often we are people of division.  We test one another and draw lines in the sand.  ‘You are either in or out, for us or against us,’ we say.  Our criminal justice system, for example, does nothing to reconcile people to one another, but doles out punitive sentences to the offending party instead.  But God’s judgment looks like mercy.  God’s judgment grants undeserved forgiveness and creates a reconciliation that draws us together.  How different might the world look if our judgment were meant to draw us together?  How different would things be if we forged a world where we were constantly looking to find common ground, to gain mutual understanding, and to show empathy for one another?

Prayer  God of reconciliation, you draw us together by your cross and resurrection; may I be a means of reconciliation, an instrument of your peace.