Monday, March 23rd

By: Maggie Leonard

John 12:20-33

Reflection—v. 24, ‘…glorified…’

Jesus talks a lot about God being glorified.  But what does this mean?  We rarely use this word outside of the context of church.  Traditionally, other ways of translating the greek word doxazo are ‘honored’ or ‘praised.’  At Mercy, we like to throw another verb into the mix:  to recognize.  Glorifying God requires us to see who God is–and to tell the truth about what we have seen.  It is not too fine a distinction to say that giving glory means we both recognize and give due recognition to God.  Jesus not only recognizes God for himself, but his way of living in the world demonstrates that recognition.  Jesus gives glory to God because his faithfulness–his ‘loving until the end’–shows us clearly, powerfully, and unmistakably who God truly is.  This is more than honor or praise.  In the cross, we recognize who God is by the self-giving act of Jesus: this is the one who so loved us that he gave himself for us, saving us from death that we may enjoy the abundant, eternal life of God now and forever.

Prayer  Jesus, in your love I see God; may I also give God the glory of a loving life.