Sunday, March 22nd

By: Maggie Leonard

John 12:20-33

Reflection—v. 24, ‘unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth…’

Jesus often talks about living and dying in paradoxical terms.  According to Jesus, to truly live is to die to the unhealthy facades with which we have come to identify.  So P8010001often we cling to things about ourselves that are not really ‘us.’  I am not my emotions—those come and go, are felt more strongly and fade.  I am not my memories.  I am not my thoughts—which are sometimes so dark, and other times repetitive, flighty, or light.  Instead, I am the one who notices the change in emotions, the making of memories, and the flux of thoughts.  I am the one that God loves; I am beloved.  Everything else is inconsistent.  But God and God’s love for me–and my ability to see the ebb and flow of events–those things are forever.  This is the knowledge that helps us to truly live.  If we cling to nothing more than our belovedness, we will not fear death in its many forms, but will live truly fruitful lives instead.

Prayer  Jesus, I hold to your love for me; in dying and living, I will always bear fruit.