Sat, March 21st

By: Chad Hyatt

Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22

Reflection—v. 2, ‘Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…’

Ever been in a testimony service?  It can be deeply moving and inspiring, funny and, if I am honest, a bit of a show sometimes: part spoken word, part performance art.  New folks tell the story of what God has done for them, and old-timers preach the same old story again–sometimes word for word.  Sure, ego gets involved, but is there anything free from that?  More of our churches should make room for testimony–for letting those of us who have experienced the reedeming hand of the Lord say so.  Even if it is the same old story, we need to hear it.  And we need all the little stories still in the making, where just one day clean means a mountain climb.  You can not know what I had to go through to get it or how Jesus reached way down to pick me up when I was steady sinking–unless you let me tell you.  Twelve Steps realized long ago that getting well from our addictions and staying well means we have to talk about it.  So tell somebody–it just may be you need to tell it as much as we all need to hear it.

Prayer Lord, I will tell the story of what you have done and listen as others testify.