Monday, March 16th

By: Chad Hyatt

Ephesians 2:1-10

Reflection—v. 3, ‘…all of us…’

Lent calls us to ponder once more the unbounded breadth of God’s love.  Paul’s distancing ‘you’ soon gives way to the more inclusive ‘all of us.’  As church folks used to say, there are ‘no big I’s and little you’s.’  In God’s lavish mercy, there are no ‘righteous’ and ‘sinners,’ no ‘Jews’ and ‘Gentiles’–and, for us, no ‘homeless’ and ‘housed.’  Labels that kept us apart no longer exist in God’s ‘all of us.’  We are all sinners, and by grace, we are all righteous.  Far from removing the urgent need of housing for all of us, we are reminded we share in a common struggle together.  All of us are broken.  All of us struggle.  All of us are bound to a way of walking in the world that is destructive.  But absolutely all of us–as absolute as our brokenness and struggle are absolute–belong to God.  In Jesus, we have found a new way of walking–toward life, in freedom, and with God.

Prayer  God of lavish mercy, all of us have been lost, and all of us are being found in you.