Sunday, March 15th

By: Chad Hyatt

Ephesians 2:1-10

Reflection—v. 5, ‘…by grace you have been saved…’

As we move deeper into Lent, we get closer to Jerusalem.  In Jerusalem, triumph and tragedy await us, with the unexpected ending which, beyond all IMG_6115hopes, becomes a new beginning.  Our scriptures this week move us, in their own unique ways, to consider our redemption.  The central truth of redemption, a reality that will make possible everything we will consider over the next few days, is grace.  Grace, purely and simply, is gift.  It is the unilateral initiative of God; grace is God’s choice.  It is generous, lavish, overflowing–and never stingy.  Grace is free; there is no fine print, no strings attached.  Grace is the character of all life–because life with all its wonder and possibility is freely given to every one of us by God.  And though we have disdained the gift, in ways big and small, in ways we can all see and in ways hidden and secret, it is the grace of God that saves us nevertheless.  None of us earn it; none of us could.  We can only welcome it with the same generous heart in which it is given.   

Prayer  God of grace amazing, help me to live each day conscious that every breath is a loving gift.