Friday, March 13th

By: Maggie Leonard

1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Reflection—v. 18, ‘…to those who are perishing…’

I never find myself drawn to identify myself with the ‘perishing.’  I like to think that I am fully alive and that I am among the ‘saved,’ whatever that means. I believe in God, so I must be good.  I certainly do not see myself as dying, being destroyed, ceasing to exist, or slowly breaking apart—that all seems a bit dramatic to me.   So who are these who are perishing?  Jesus came to give us abundant life, and to truly live is to truly love.  Anything that does not foster love brings about death.  Anything that does not foster love of God, self, and others is perishing.  We are perishing when we over-indulge in drink, drugs, and material possessions; when we blame others; when we yell; when we refuse to admit wrongdoing or to say we are sorry or forgive; when we manipulate, scapegoat, bully, and judge; when we worry about ‘number one’; protect things more than value life; need to be seen as a hero; and suppress our feelings… the list goes on.  Perhaps I have more in common with the ‘perishing’ than I would like to think.

Prayer   God, I am perishing outside your way of love and life; save me, too.