Wed, March 11th

By: Maggie Leonard

John 2:13-22

Reflection—v. 21, ‘…the temple of his body…’

The idea that God’s temple, God’s sacred dwelling place, could be found in a human body is an outrageous claim–today as much as it was then.  I firmly believe Jesus is the perfect model for how we are called to live.  An embodied God has powerful implications for how we are called to see and treat both our own bodies as well as other people’s bodies.  Bodies have bellies that need to be filled.  Bodies have feelings that need to be felt.  Bodies need to be cleaned and cared for and clothed.  Bodies need a safe place to rest.  When sick, bodies need medical attention.  To honor God in the temple he chooses means we must live in a more radically faithful way toward one another, honoring and caring for the bodies of one another as we would Jesus in our midst.

Prayer  Word made flesh, help me to honor you as I honor and compassionately care for my own body and the bodies of my sisters and brothers.