Thurs, March 12th

By: Maggie Leonard

1 Corinthians 1:18-31

Reflection—v. 18, ‘…for the message of the cross…’ 

Not only does God not save us in the way we expect, but God saves us in ways that offend our cultural sensibilities.  For Paul, his own people have experienced the divine through signs–the parting of the seas and the sending of plagues, but certainly not in the death of God.  Paul characterizes Greek culture as one that experienced the divine through reason–well thought-out arguments, victorious achievements, and rational explanations, but certainly not the death of God.  The message of the cross means we must let go of control and see something bigger at work.  We must default to mercy and compassion, realize the value of life, and remain open to the questions you cannot answer.  It is not an easy or glamorous life.  In fact, it is extraordinarily difficult and goes against much of what we have been taught.  I believe it is a message impossible to live unless you have a firm grounding in God and your own belovedness.  Otherwise, it could feel as if you are being bled dry by others.  This kind of salvation can only come from God.

Prayer  God, the cross may cause offense, but only by the cross can I be saved.