Saturday, March 7th

By: Chad Hyatt

Romans 4:13-25

Reflection—v. 20,  ‘… he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God…’

Abraham considered his weakened body, but it did not weaken his faith.  He knew God’s promises were good, even for good-as-dead bodies like his.  Not only this, but he ‘grew strong in faith’ because he gave ‘glory to God.’  Aware of his own inability, he trusted the ability of God.  Our weakness does not lessen the power of God because our weakness draws his mercy ever more powerfully toward us.  Giving glory is about truly seeing, about clearly recognizing–and therefore rightfully acknowledging someone for who he or she really is.  Abraham gave glory to God because he realized ‘good-as-dead’ means very little to a God who ‘gives life to the dead.’  He rightly discerned the nature of the all-powerful and life-giving God to whom he had entrusted his life, even as he honestly faced his own weakness.   

Prayer  God who gives life to the dead, I give you glory, for you look on my weakness and do not despise what you see; in your great mercy, you come to save me.