Friday, March 6th

By: Chad Hyatt

Romans 4:13-25

Reflection—v. 19, ‘…when he considered his own body…’

Human bodies matter.  Both the Bible and Christian tradition bear consistent witness to the dignity and sanctity of our bodies.  Genesis describes the very hands of God forming the first humans from the dust of the earth.  We believe God is uniquely revealed in the mysteries of the Incarnation and the Resurrection.   The many works of healing in the ministry of Jesus testify to the sacredness of our bodies.  And the ‘works of mercy’ call us to nurture our suffering bodies–right on up to and including burial, returning ‘dust to dust.’  Abraham was not in denial.  He duly ‘considered his own body’ and knew full well he was ‘about a hundred years old.’  He understood such a body, in practical terms, was ‘as good as dead.’  And in our culture, which discards the aged and infirmed and most vulnerable, such an appraisal would be even more likely.   But Abraham also knew what we often forget: our bodies are sacred even in their frailty and brokenness–then perhaps most of all. 

Prayer  God, teach me to consider my own body, and all bodies, with compassion–and to treat all bodies with the care and dignity befitting a vessel so holy.