Thursday, March 5th

By: Chad Hyatt

Romans 4:13-25

Reflection—v. 22, ‘faith was reckoned to him as righteousness.’

Faith, however else we may define it, is a fundamentally relational quality.  The Greek word can just as easily be translated ‘faithfulness.’  Talking of faith that way, we remove it from the realm of doctrine and dogma and restore it to the realm of relationships, where it finds a more natural home.  Notice the sheer number of relational phrases Paul uses to describe Abraham in this passage, and you will get a better feel for what faith is.  Abraham is ‘hoping against hope’ and ‘no distrust made him waver.’   He ‘grew strong in faith’ and became ‘fully convinced.’  Abraham was not right in relationship with God because he kept the terms of a contract or even because he always did the right thing.  We he know better.  God reckoned Abraham righteous because he held to their relationship more tightly than to anything else.  Abraham kept faith, not just for a brief moment but with a faithfulness tested over time.

Prayer  God, beyond all the things I believe about you, lead me to a deeper faithfulness with you, as I seek to live daily in your presence.