Tuesday, March 3rd

By: Chad Hyatt

Psalm 22:23-31


Reading Psalm 22 as the prayer from the cross opens up for us a way into the inner meaning of the passion, while at the same time showing us the inner reality of our own discipleship.  From the perspective of this psalm, the cross is Jesus-being-with-us.  It is the sharing of Jesus in the suffering of humanity–in our abandonment and hopelessness, our experience of death and dusty burial.   Choosing to be with Jesus is what following him means.  Taking up the cross of discipleship, therefore, is making the choice to be with all who suffer, just as he did.  In a profound sense, we are also choosing to be with ourselves, in the brokenness we so often hide from ourselves and others–even as he is with us there, too.  To be with Jesus as a disciple is to be with Jesus on the cross, to accompany one another and ourselves in our own dereliction and very real feeling of God-forsakenness.  Jesus has shown us the way by choosing our part, by being with us.  Let us follow him.

Prayer  Jesus, you are with us in our suffering; help me to be with you in your passion for the world.