Sunday, March 1st

By: Chad Hyatt


IMG_0046As we continue into Lent, we begin even now to enter into the passion with Jesus.  There is no other way, really, to follow Jesus.  His way is one that leads to the cross, a way that is made by carrying the cross.  Our summons in Lent and in life is to enter ever more deeply into the passion of Jesus–to enter the interiority of discipleship, of what it means to follow Jesus, to say ‘yes’ to his call.  Perhaps even that first call, which we heard again last week–to repent, to turn, to change heart and life, to become a penitent–is to embrace the passion as a way of life, a way toward living.   Every turning away from something else, something that formerly seemed to be life or held itself out to us as life but was instead some form of death, is a kind of dying.  To such false life we must die in order to live.  The passion is not just an event on the way of the disciple–it is the whole of it.

Prayer  Jesus, you call me to life through the hard bearing of the cross.