Saturday, Feb 28th

By: Chad Hyatt

Mark 1:9-15

Reflection—v. 12, ‘…into the wilderness…’

The heart is a wilderness, too.  There are many ways to describe the geography of our interior life.  But imagine that beyond our active thoughts and feelings, beyond our memories and the narratives we construct to make sense of our lives, beyond all our worries and anxieties and fears–beyond all of these familiar terrains of the spirit–there is a wilderness of the heart.  At the center of our being, it is a place deeper than our daily distractions, persistent addictions, and convenient lies.  It is silent–but not because we are alone.  God dwells there–freely, truly, powerfully, and beyond our capacity for control.  Like the wilderness Jesus experienced, it is an ‘outsider’ space, even though it is found in the depths of the heart.  It is the ground within each of us where we encounter God in the most profound way.  The mothers and fathers of our faith, who spent their lives in the desert, understood this. ‘Enter your cell,’ they tell us, ‘and it will teach you all you need to know.’  Alone at last, we are forced to enter the divine wilderness of our hearts and encounter the God of our salvation.

Prayer  Spirit, drive me into the wilderness of my heart.