Wednesday, Feb 25th

Mark 1:9-15

Reflection—v. 14, ‘Jesus came to Galilee…’

To ‘change our hearts and lives’ because the ‘kingdom of God is at hand’ is to turn continually toward the presence and power of God in Jesus.  Jesus fulfills the promise of the prophets that God would come again–presence–to set his people free–power.  This is Isaiah’s good news: ‘Here is your God… your God reigns’ (40.9, 52.7).  In Jesus, we come to understand what that presence and power truly mean for us.  The presence of God is not billowing clouds and thick smoke.  It is Jesus, a human being like us, poor like us, experiencing the depths of the struggle we also experience.  This is God come to us, with us, for us.  And wherever God is present, there is also saving power.  Mark makes sure we see Jesus as the ‘Stronger One’ (1.7).  Jesus shows God’s liberating power in the very first act of his public ministry in Mark–casting out a demon on the Sabbath (1.26).  God’s relational presence is Jesus of Nazareth, who has come to save us with power–freeing us from every other power that seeks to destroy human life.

Prayer  Jesus, I turn to you; come to us and save us.