Thursday, Feb 26th

By: Chad Hyatt

Mark 1:9-15

Reflection—v. 13, ‘…for forty days…’

Lent is a season, having a beginning and an end; we enter it, and just as surely, we will leave.  But while here, we are called to engage it, wrestling with its challenges and discovering its hope.  These forty days deliberately point to Jesus’ own forty days in the wilderness before setting out on his public ministry.  The convergence of forty and testing and wilderness echo the journey of God’s people for forty years in the wilderness–a time of testing and trial for them–before a new generation was ready to enter the land of promise.  While their sojourn was marked with disobedience and a lack of faith, Jesus endures the wilderness and all its temptations with faithfulness.  Jesus is purposely re-working the story of Israel in his own story.  Even so, each time we enter the season of Lent we are called once again to make the story of Jesus–and with him, the larger story of all God’s people–our own story, too.

Prayer  Jesus, be with me these forty days, and lead us to the life you promise.