Tuesday, Feb 24

By: Chad Hyatt

Mark 1:9-15

Reflection—v. 15, ‘…the kingdom of God is at hand…’

Our repentance is joined to the good news that Jesus preached: the kingdom of God is at hand.  At Mercy, everyone likes to take part when we study the Bible.  Adam would often raise his hand first–even before I had finished reading our text.  One of his toughest questions still lingers: ‘What did Jesus mean by the kingdom of God?’  I am not sure I ever gave a satisfying answer.  But what strikes me now is that Jesus embodied the content of his proclamation.  He was the practice of the gospel he preached; the walk of the kingdom he talked.  In Mark, we have been told from verse one that the whole life of Jesus is the good news.  That means all that Mark shows us about Jesus is the  answer to Adam’s question.  The kingdom of God is casting out demonic powers, healing the sick, and forgiving sins.  It is eating with outcasts, challenging the powers-that-be, and going out with nothing for the sake of a greater mission.  The kingdom of God is dying on the cross–and leaving an empty tomb.

Prayer  God of Good News, help us to practice the kingdom your Son preached.