Monday, Feb 23rd

By: Chad Hyatt

Mark 1:9-15

Reflection—v. 15, ‘…repent…’

‘I don’t change!’ said a friend recently. ‘I’m still the same guy.’  Not changing can be a sign of consistency.  But my friend was proud of a certain stubborn refusal to grow, to develop, to deepen, to broaden.  Most of us aren’t that proud of it–or that open about it–but we are often just as quilty of refusing to grow beyond where we are.  My friend had only recently returned after having been banned for making threats involving pepper spray against another member of the community.  To be fair, he saw his action as a kind of pre-emptive self-defense.  ‘You have to punch a bully in the nose,’ he says.  This is the way of thinking he refuses to give up.  But the gospel calls us to face life in new ways–and that means we must change.  My friend does not want to hear that–nor do most of us, most of the time.  The gospel gives no ground on that score.  One translation says it simply and succintly: ‘Change your hearts and lives.’

Prayer  God, soften our stubbornness and grant us courage to change.