9th Day of Christmas

Luke 2:22-40

Reflection— v.26, ‘Guided by the Spirit, Simeon came…’

If saving help comes out of encounter between persons, then the one who helps others must also be open to encounter God. God meets us, invites us to encounter, engages us face-to-face–just as we are called to do in relationship with one another. For all God’s transcendent power, Christmas reveals that God’s mighty power is also personal. Simeon is an example of one who was open to God’s ‘always Advent.’ The one on whom the Spirit rests is also guided by the Spirit. Simeon had been ‘looking forward to the consolation’ of God’s suffering people. He was himself ‘just and devout’ (v. 25). In short, his own longing for God’s coming—and the faithful actions that gave body to that longing—are exactly the dispositions to which Advent and Christmas call us. Having treasured deep within himself the promise of an encounter with the Lord’s Messiah, Simeon did in fact see him and take him in his arms, the one carried by the poor strangers in the Temple, and he blessed them.

Prayer Lord, let me see your Messiah, and let my body give witness to my hope.

-Chad Hyatt