12th Day of Christmas

John 1:1-18

Reflection—v.3, ‘…all things were made through him…’

John does not confine the story of God’s coming to a manger, but neither does he rip Jesus from our messy history. He gives us both, and challenges his readers to stand faithfully in the tension between them. God hovers as Word over primordial creation–there in the beginning, making all things–and dwells among us in real flesh, coming to us in Jesus. In this great prologue-poem, God who is Word and who brings all things into being also wills to be held in our speech and in our silence–our words of faith or denial, the silence of praise or remorse. Even more, as the Gospel unfolds, he will stand on trial–and be condemned to death–with those who are silenced. God lives in our confession and weeps at our rejection, but even death–real, terrible, complete–cannot destroy the Word who gives life to every living thing by the power of boundless love.

Prayer Word of life, let my own mouth praise you, let my own heart keep silence before you–for you have been born in our midst, you who made all things, and by your great love, we are saved.

-Chad Hyatt and Maggie Leonard