11th Day of Christmas

John 1:1-18

Reflection—v. 1, ‘In the beginning…’

Master of storytelling and theological reflection, John wastes no time in weaving together the story of Jesus R0000384with that of all the Scriptures. God has been in the business of creation since the beginning of time; Jesus continues that tradition with a new spin. God is not finished with the work he has begun and does not sit to the side, idly watching the universe hum along. God is active and in the thick of it—in the midst of darkness to shed light, in the midst of rejection to offer inclusion, and in the midst of our mistakes to offer grace. God knows what we need for the very reason that God has been here, in the flesh. In these few, short lines, John helps us to see God in a full and complete way. Our God is one of creation—and re-creation.


God of creation, you never stop working, always with us from the beginning. You are light in our darkness, welcome in the face of rejection, grace amid sin. Help me to see, like John, your loving work in all things.

-Chad Hyatt and Maggie Leonard