10th Day of Christmas

Isaiah 61:10-62:3

Reflection— v.1, ‘…until her vindication shines out…’

We sing a song at Mercy, a song of longing, that proclaims, ‘Until righteousness rolls like a river, until justice comes in a rising tide, until this city becomes a praise for you, I will not be satisfied.’ In this longing, God’s heart and ours become one. Like a flourishing harvest, Isaiah knows God will ‘cause righteousness… to spring up before the nations’ (v. 11). There is no ‘if’ or ‘maybe’ in this conviction. God will do this. Still it is not yet that we see it, and so this same, confident heart refuses to ‘keep silent’ or to ‘rest’ until God’s people, languishing in homelessness, violence, and under oppressive rule, are vindicated and saved. With the same sure hope—hope in the God who saves, the God of Mary’s Song and Jesus’ Victory—we must refuse to silence our Advent longing, even as the liturgical season passes for another year. We must make lively that hope, working with strong hands and open heart, with loosened tongue and ready feet, to welcome the always Advent of God in our midst.

Prayer God of our salvation, I will not keep silent–in praise or prayer or protest–until your righteousness comes as a rising tide in the streets of this city.

-Chad Hyatt