4th Day of Christmas

Luke 2:22-40

Reflection—v. 22, ‘…according to the Law of Moses…’

It has always amazed me that Mary and Joseph take the infant Jesus to the Jerusalem Temple to be dedicated. Just think about it: this is the same Temple that Jesus will enter as a grown man, driving out money-lenders
like so many demons. Yet Mary and Joseph bring their eight-day old son to the Temple for purification. The one we confess as pure and sinless is brought into that ‘den of thieves’–as the grown-up Jesus will later call it. But I think I see here an example of God’s mysterious way, so unlike our own self-seeking. Here is God’s unfathomable humility and patient way of saving us. God our Liberator is willing to come as a poor one into the very systems that his liberation will one day so thoroughly overturn. God chooses to work in our history, messy and confused as it is. This is God’s surprising and gracious way.


Christ, our Liberator, you do not leave us alone, even in systems that have strayed far from your righteousness and love. Help me to enter into the messiness of our world and humbly carry you there, as did Mary and Joseph.

-Chad Hyatt