2nd Day of Christmas

Luke 2:1-20

Reflection—v.15, ‘Let us go now…’

Does this not seem a bit reckless to anyone else? What about the sheep?!?! I suppose that’s the thing about truly welcoming the Christ into our world—it shifts our priorities and therefore even our very rhythms of life. For some of us, this might mean that we have evening prayer instead of watching endless amounts of television, or participating during prayer time at church and waiting to wash-up until afterward, or stopping listening to music with degrading lyrics, or spending a Friday night with a sick friend—or any number of things we didn’t even know we were missing out on until we try them. The shepherds left behind their very livelihood; where do you hear God inviting you to go?


Oh God, you call us to go where your salvation is found, and to leave behind everything else; give us courage to follow your gracious invitation to life, wherever it may lead.

-Maggie Leonard