Fourth Sunday of Advent

Luke 1: 26-38

Reflection—v.26, ‘God sent the angel Gabriel…’angel ornament

I love that this angel, unlike so many others in Scripture, has a name. Often we get to experience God’s gifts to us without ever giving credit to the bearer of good news. A dear friend of mine keeps a journal/blog of where she experiences God’s grace in her life. Her experiences are chock-full of the names of angels who remind her of her belovedness and places where she sees joy and delight seep into our world. Even on the darkest of days, God’s grace breaks through, though it takes a discerning heart to see and understand it. May we be hospitable to the angels in our midst, shining like light or perhaps just smiling like a friend, who point us in the right direction. Their appearance may be socially awkward at times, but like Mary, they play an important role in giving birth to God’s good work in us.


God of angels, help me to welcome all your angels, every messenger that heralds your word for me, that I may discern your grace, even on the darkest of days.

-Maggie Leonard