Third Tuesday of Advent

Luke 1:46b-55

Reflection—v.53, ‘He has filled the hungry with good things…’

Mary’s song is about reversal and rejoicing—or in a world gone topsy-turvy through greed and violence, God’s action of setting things right again. Famously, the powerful are brought down and the lowly—like Mary and the poor—are lifted up. Likewise, the hungry are satisfied with good things and the rich are sent away with empty hands (vv. 52-53). In all this, Mary rejoices. It is the poetic expression of a prophetic vision: an oppressed people’s hope for liberation and God’s will for saving justice. As we shall see, however, this is the kind of reversal that leaves no one out—if we choose to come along. There are those whose trust in their own riches will leave them empty-handed, like the fool who sought to build bigger barns rather than account for his soul. And there will be those who are dethroned, but like Zacchaeus, always with an invitation to ‘come down’ from their lofty perch and dine with Jesus. To sing Mary’s song with her is to come down and join in the generosity of God’s banquet, where all are welcome.

Prayer God of welcome banquet, I rejoice that you call us to come down from thrones in order to sit around your table.

-Chad Hyatt