Second Saturday of Advent

Luke 1:26-38

Reflection—v.37, ‘…there is nothing God cannot do.’

When Gabriel announces to Mary the birth of her son, he also encourages her with news of God’s mercy to her cousin, Elizabeth.  It was common knowledge and widely accepted that Elizabeth could not bear a child.  She was called ‘barren,’ unfruitful.  In a sense, her reproductive system could be viewed as dead.  She lived in public disgrace, under the derogatory labels  people placed on her.  We sometimes have labels thrust on us, too, for whatever reason.  Sometimes it can appear to others, and even ourselves if we are honest, that recovery is not possible.  But God took what was ‘dead’ in Elizabeth and infused it with life–a real, breathing human being.  It was a miracle, a kind of resurrection.  God can and will do the same for us.  He will infuse us with life and vitality.  He will make us healthy again.  With God, whatever is lost in our lives can be restored, whatever is dead can be resurrected.  Mary said simply, trustingly, ‘I am the Lord’s servant.’  Like her, we will see there is nothing God cannot do, if we also entrust ourselves to him.

Prayer  Lord, I am your servant; I trust there is nothing you cannot do for me.

-Ivan Cooley