Second Wednesday of Advent

Mark 1:1-8

Reflection—v. 4, ‘…wanted God to forgive their sins…’

Oftentimes we are our own biggest barrier to growth and transformation.  We get so down on ourselves for who we are or what we have done that we do not believe that we are even worthy of forgiveness.  Maybe we hold on to past fall-outs, indignant about our part.  Or maybe we try to earn forgiveness with our own goodness and become distraught when we fall short of our vision of perfect.  Sometimes, when we are unwilling to change our actions or we believe that we have not changed our actions enough, we even shift the blame to God.  We say things like, ‘God does not really forgive’ or ‘God tests us’ or ‘God must be teaching me a lesson.’  No matter what we do, if we do not believe that God can and will forgive our sins and that in our deepest hearts we desire that forgiveness, we will never experience the grace that can be freely ours.


Oh, God, help me not to be so full of myself that I try to earn what cannot be bought.  I trust that you want to forgive me as much as I want and need to be forgiven by you.  Thank you for this grace that is freely mine.

-Maggie Leonard