Second Monday of Advent

Mark 1:1-8

Reflection—v. 4,  ‘John was in the wilderness…’

Despite the ease with which mikvehs were available in the city, John lived and baptized in the wilderness.  Throughout the Bible, God has lead God’s people into the wilderness to remind them how to live as God’s people.  Here again, they find themselves without the comforts of home and outside established temple systems and social structures, turning their hearts and lives toward God’s mercy.  At Mercy, we frequently talk about how the streets of Atlanta are like the wilderness—there is something truly humbling and disorienting about not having walls to divide, hide, or protect.  On the streets, everyone is vulnerable, and new rules define who is in charge.  In such displacement, it becomes very obvious very quickly where you place your trust.


God, help me to place my trust in you, to see the beauty of dislocation and freedom from system-made comforts.

-Maggie Leonard