Ode to Harvey

By: Tom Anon

 I miss Harvey, because I can’t see him.  I can’t learn from him.  I can’t talk to him telepathically—I don’t have that ability.

If I could talk to Harvey now, I would ask, “What is yours and God’s input on this life, Harvey?”  I would have asked him this, and then moved on.Sarah's Harvey Sketch Photoshopped

Harvey was a great organizer in business and in life, here on earth and, I imagine, up in heaven, too.   He helped other people, and I knew it.  Harvey shared his food, clothes, blankets, cigarettes.  We shared with one another, I guess you could say.  I was super-blessed to have known him.

Harvey was the richest man I knew spiritually and he helped broaden me spiritually, as well.

Harvey lives on in my soul forever.  If I get to heaven, I will see him.

Happy Harvey Wallbanger, as James Schaectiel was known, died September 25, 2012.  He was a dedicated member and strong leader within the Mercy community who spent much time volunteering in our kitchen, participating in writing class, and offering guidance to his colleagues.  Harvey was an activist for gays and homeless alike.  Harvey died peacefully, well-cared for at a local in-patient hospice facility.  In his last two days he was visited by many friends, sisters  and brothers, and his pastors.  He drew his last breath with Tom at his side.  Harvey is survived by his family at Mercy Community Church.  We miss him dearly!