We Are Not the Probelm

By: Cara Nurmi

We are the people you don’t greet:cara photo

We walk the streets while you sleep,

Reinvent what you don’t need,

Counterbalancing your greed,

Direct the children you don’t feed.

We do our part, we are the art—

We are not the problem.


We are the ones that you reject,

We pay our debts in self-respect.

You got it wrong, we write the songs.

We are not ashamed when we are wrong,

You can see it all, we don’t have walls—

We are not the problem.


We are the ones that you call bums—

But what we’ve got we will give you some.

We suffer hard, but we have fun,

Certain we are real as they come

Not always right, sometimes we fight

But we don’t do it out of sight

We’re people too, not just you—

We are not the problem.


Some rich men buy their way to hell;

Some poor find their way as well.

Depend on chance, just like the ants,

Or God and Jesus, if that’s what frees us.

By the cover is not how they judge us—

We are not the problem.


We’re like the air, we’re always there.

We might be polluted, but what do you


From where do you come, the dirt and the


We are not the problem.